Medical Professional Loans


Medical professional loans are provided to those in the medical field, running their own practice and in need of financing. Medical professional loans can be used for a wide variety of things such as equipment up dates, supply purchases, payroll obligations and even expansions on the medical practice. Lenders realize that those in the medical profession have full credit history, years in college leads to high loans. Despite high loans and full credit histories lenders will offer medical professional loans to those individuals so that they can meet their practices financial needs.

What are medical professional loans?

Medical professional loans are loans provided to Doctors by banks and other lending institutions. The loan is used for any needs the Doctor may have within their medical practice such as update, renovations, payroll and so on. Interest rates for medical professional loans vary, typically starting as low as 2.5%. Medical professional loans can be secure or unsecured. Those with secured professional loans are using their practices assets as a form of collateral. Assets such as real estate, equipment, supplies and receivable invoices can be used. Unsecured professional loans are provided to Doctors with practices with a high monthly income, their financials is a form of security to be bank knowing that there will be the funds to meet the repayment obligations.

What are medical professional loans used for?

Each Doctor or medical practice has their own financial needs, some include;
  • Equipment updates
  • Supplies
  • Payroll and other payment obligations
  • Renovations
  • Expansions

How to get a medical professional loan

  1. Find a lender that offers medical professional loans
  2. Make sure you meet the lenders requirements
  3. Submit an application
  4. Negotiate the terms and conditions to the loan
  5. Sign the contract and set up a repayment schedule
With medical practices income generated mostly through insurance companies having to wait 30 to 60 days for payment can cause financial difficulties. When taking out a medical professional loan there is no wait and has a typical low fixed interest rate.